Town Of Webb

Press Release - Town of Webb’s Comprehensive Plan

May 22, 2018
    Update from the Committee

For More Information: Robert Moore, Town of Webb Supervisor, or Marcia Baker, Chair of Comprehensive Plan
Town of Webb's Updated Comprehensive Plan Taking Shape



  Old Forge, NY: The Town of Webb has made significant progress towards completing its updated Comprehensive Plan. Using public input, mapping, and data collection gathered in 2016, the Comprehensive Plan Committee has now finished two of the three phases of its work. A comprehensive plan is a locally-developed document that establishes the long-term vision, goals and actions to help guide the towns growth and development for the next decade.  The Town of Webb’s Comprehensive Plan will address three major questions: What are current conditions in the Town; What does the Town hope to be like in 10 years, and What actions can the Town and its partners take to help reach that future.

With Help from a planning consultant from Community Planning & Environmental Associates (Berne,  NY), the Committee has done a review of information about the Town, its residents, environment and economy, and analyzed 2016-2017 public input. Past plans, including the 2002 Webb Comprehensive Plan, the Route 28 Corridor Revitalization Plan, the Webb Waterfront Revitalization Plan, the West Central Adirondack Housing Needs Assessment and many regional plans have also been reviewed to help the committee understand issues, trends, and potential solutions.  Past public input being used to help understand what is important to the people of Webb include interviews, a public workshop, story board feedback, and committee meetings that took place over the past two years.

The first step tackled by the Committee has been organizing all that data and public information into categories that detail Webb’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).  The updated Plan will address each of these. Actions will be developed to maintain the community strengths, address the issues, find ways to take advantage of the opportunities, and identify threats the community should be aware of. The Plan will include a ‘checklist’ of actions that the Town Board can implement over time.
In March, the committee worked with its consultant to develop a new vision and a set of goals the Town hopes to be able to address over the next 10 years. Robert Moore, Town Supervisor, said that “ The Plan will express an exciting and hopeful future for ourselves. Our new plan will detail how the Town of Webb aspires to be a vibrant and caring community, offering a high quality of life for all, and one where we cherish and maintain our small town feel, quality natural environment, historic character, outdoor recreational opportunities, and an exceptional school system. It will also detail what steps we can take to have a more vibrant economy, expanded housing opportunities, and up-to-date infrastructure."

Marcia Barker, Chair of the Comprehensive Plan Committee said “the updated plan will address topics that are important to Webb residents such as community character and livability, year-round recreation and cultural opportunities, infrastructure such as sidewalks and parking, broadband, housing, economic vitality, and the environment."

A review of the Town’s zoning has recently been completed. This review offers recommendations that can be made to improve the Town’s land use regulations so that new development can be consistent with community goals. Next month, the committee will move into the third phase of the project and start work on reviewing a set of recommended actions and strategies that can be included in the Plan. The committee hopes to have a full draft Plan completed by the end of the summer with hopes the Town Board can adopt the new plan in the Fall.