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Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

Water Quality is One of the Most Important Factors Effecting Public Health Today

          The Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Management Plan Project (Plan) started in June of 2006. The goal was to put in place a plan to ensure the protection of public health and the environment. Continued compliance with DEC regulations, long-term capital project planning and better use of resources are all at the heart of the Plan. Inventorying the major assets, e.g. pumps and sewers, involved using the lates USEPA software and Global Positioning System (GPS) instruments. A Six-year capital improvement strategy and matching reserve funds addresses the aging equipment -- the pump stations are about 40 years old and the sewers are twice that.

          This was a cooperative effort with the NYSDEC. The Plan was approved by the Town of Webb Board on July 8, 2008 and reflects excellent business practices. Download an executive summary of the Plan or the entire 30-page document below or select the Wastewater Treatment Plant link to review portions of the Plan from the Table of Contents as well as links to additional offsite resources. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant
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