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Adding data to the Old Forge Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The Old Forge Wastewater Treatment Plant

As of 2008, The Old Forge Sewer District (OFSD) provides wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment for 528 residents and businesses in the Old Forge area. An adjacent private district which consists of the Old Forge Camping Resort facility is also served by OFSD.  The wastewater collection system and treatment plant was built in 1982 at a construction cost of $2.6 million. The current infrastructure assets include approximately 7 miles of gravity and forced mains, 151 manholes, 4 pump stations, and a conventional activated sludge secondary treatment plant.

Our Asset Management Plan

The development of a Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Management Plan for Old Forge began in June of 2006 at the request of the Chief Operator Ted Riehle and Town Supervisor Robert Moore. It is the result of an intensive cooperative assistance effort with the hamlet of Old Forge, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's Facility Operations Assistance Section in Albany and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's Region 6 Office in Utica. NYSDEC Facility Operations Assistance Section staff members Mike Coley, Phil Smith, and Gregg Gendron were major contributors.

Acknowledgements & Executive Summary

Table of Contents
Section 1 - Utility Overview, Introduction, and Project Background

Section 2 - Overview of Asset Management and Project Approach

Section 3 - Inventorying of Collection System and Treatment Plant Assets

Section 4 - Asset Criticality, Condition, and Setting Priorities

Section 5 - Capital Improvement Plan and Estimated Costs

Section 6 - Financial Planning, Revenues, and Rates

Section 7 - Recommendations

Section 8 - Conclusions

Appendices - (Contact the Old Forge Wastewater Treatment Plant for copies not available online)

A.     Treatment Plant Process Flow Schematic

B.     References and links to additional resources

C.     Pipe and Manhole Inventory

D.     Categories and Assets Inventory

E.      Asset Criticality (and Condition)

F.      Detailed Asset Condition Report (and Criticality)

G.     Cost Effective Capital Investment Decision

The Advisory Committee

The Wastewater Infrastructure Asset Management Plan Project (Plan), approved by the Town of Webb Board on July 8, 2008, recommended the formation of a Wastewater Infrastructure Advisory Committee entrusted with the overall protection of and investment in the wastewater infrastructure. The Advisory Committee should include the Town of Webb Supervisor, the Plant Chief Operator, a Town Board Member, and a member of the community. Wastewater assets are generally not visible and are "out of sight, out of mind." Specific objectives of the Advisory Committee will be to develop a Mission Statement for the Department and a Public Education Program to help the public understand the need for a solid asset management plan that addresses both short and long term wastewater collection and treatment needs.

Want to learn more?

The starting point for the Plan began by educating the Town of Webb Board to build consensus and support. An afternoon tour of the plant occurred on June 26, 2006 and led one Board member to comment, "We had no idea what was involved down here at the plant." The following offsite links offer an overview on the importance of clean water and how it effects public health.


  1. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) website "Water is Life," - a program designed to assist water and wastewater service providers in communicating the value of our nation's water and wastewater infrastructure.
  2. Liquid Assets is a 90-minute Penn State produced award-winning documentary that tells the story of essential infrastructure systems: water, wastewater, and storm water. The Liquid Assets website provides links to a QuickTime Version of the film, a community toolkit, and Grades 6-12 Educational Resources.
  3. Fulton Chain of Lakes Association (FCLA) website - The Fulton Chain of Lakes is located in the Central Adirondack Mountains of New York State. It consists of eight lakes starting at a dam at Old Forge extending through navigable waters into Fifth Lake and then by portage to the dam at Sixth lake through Eighth lake. FCLA formed in 1968 to preserve and protect this waterway and surrounding woodlands. Members have helped to organize an aggressive program of dye testing septic systems, monitor the waters for non-native invasive plants, and helped to establish the Bti program that is currently used to control black flies among many other projects.
  4. NYSDEC Region 6 Offices - Watertown and Utica website - serving Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida and St Lawrence counties.  See also the DEC Lands and Waters Division link which manages some 4 million State-owned acres of open lands for public use and 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, some 4,000 lakes and ponds, and 2.4 million acres of wetlands.
  5. NYS County Water Quality Coordinating Committees (CWQCCs) website - formed to develop and implement Water Quality Strategies to address nonpoint source (NPS) pollution issues. CWQCCs are key to implementing the strategies that identify and set local priorities.



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